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Famed for its cultural​ individuality, unique architectural treasures, gastronomical delights and physical beauty; this is a city with a truly ​multi-faceted character. ​Barcelona has cleverly succeeded in embracing its past​, while wholeheartedly welcoming the future​. It has a wide cultural programme, ​with world-class museums, art galleries,​ exhibitions promoting the most innovative artistic trends, open-air sculptures… and many concerts, plays and dances coexist​ing alongside traditional festivals and festivities​. Expect to 'strut your stuff' in the limelight!

Before you hit the good time with your personal activity entertainer and videographer, your group is divided into bands of 8-10 members each. We supply all the equipment and outfits and help bring teams together in a creative environment... to pool their ideas and create something fabulous to brief, in a short timeframe.
We'll also help steer the many fun aspects of this challenge.

Our coordinators help you to come up with a storyline and styling for your video before filming commences. Don’t worry – you don’t actually have to sing (unless you want to!). The chosen song is played for you and the teams sing along; we'll give you the lyrics beforehand, so teams can learn the words.

At the core of the city lies the medieval quarter; a close-packed maze of narrow streets housing magnificent medieval buildings. The city's patchwork of architectural styles ​also includes Gothic façades, the most beautiful examples of 20th century Modernism and the ​true avant-garde​, plus a unique street grid resulting from 19th-century urban planning​.​ Many of Barcelona's most famous attractions are buildings designed by Antoni Gaudi. I​ronically Gaudi didn't finish his most famous work – La Sagrada Familia (not that it matters one jot!).​

W​ondering the streets of Barcelona may well bring some surprises. As well as the incredible architecture, there are some gorgeous green spaces, a lively nightlife and a splendid seafront with wonderful beaches and a range of modern facilities. Local markets are legendary; fabulous atmosphere and excellent quality produce coincide with a chance to socialise.

As historic as it is modern, Barcelona's food boasts some of the best traditional gourmet delicacies in Spain, ​plus ​amazing fastfood, bistro cooking, beachside dining with a twist and more...​ all with the emphasis on 'big flavour'.

Weather-wise, winter often offers azure skies and improbably warm days, while summer – though humid – ​is often not as blisteringly hot as other Spanish cities.


​Enjoy the city's relaxed Mediterranean character (this is a wonderfully eclectic city), months of endless sunshine, lovely urban beaches, marine resorts, nearby mountains and unbeatable food.​