A fun way to discover the city and build those team bonds at the same time - this game gets teams competing to answer questions about the city whilst also doing a set of challenges and using strategy to get as many points as possible. It is completely tailored to your requirements, so that you can start and end the game where you want, and when you want. The game uses GPS technology and runs on iPads which we provide


This is our most versatile game, and we offer it in cities across Spain, France and Portugal. We can also create a version for any other town or city in Europe! Games are adapted for each area, with clues that relate specifically to what you are seeing in the street - not just generic questions. The playing area is normally the most touristic area, so that the teams get to discover the most interesting parts of the city whilst having some fun and building bonds between them at the same time. However - we can also adapt the games to another area if required - sometimes serving as a way of getting the group from one place to another in a fun and unique manner!

What Can We Expect? 

Expect all the fun challenges of our city-based treasure hunt, but with some additional high tech, innovative, whizzy stuff thrown in!

Before your activity happens, you will be briefed in full in how to make it work - its very easy! - and you will be given a live demonstration based just outside your office or home, so that you really get to see for yourself how it works and how to set it up. It's as easy as installing an app, on any smartphone or smart device, and putting in the passwords that we give you to set the game running. That's it! 

We will discuss with you where and when you want the game to start and end, and how long you want it to run for. We can set a meeting point as well, so that if you wanted, you could all met at a restaurant just in time for lunch :-)

For this activity, we find that groups of 5 to 8 people tend to work best - the smaller teams allow much more involvement of each person. Our technology is really simple to 'get the hang of', and with the advantage of the GPS and our map which features in the game, teams can't really get lost.

Teams will enjoy landmarks within their chosen city, as they navigate their way to 'hotspots' after answering a variety of interesting questions and trivia. Fun photo and video tasks can then be accessed (and completed) in the places they find.

When it comes to the actual event, we bring the iPads to you and deliver the game to the group, then you're off and running. We meet you again at the end to collect the iPads and declare the winners. 

If you want you can also monitor all the teams in real-time. You can see how well each team is doing, where they are, how many questions they've answered. At the end there is a really simple score sheet, showing the winners and all the runner ups, with the points they each have, and all the photos and videos that they have taken as part of the game.

In Conclusion 

A fantastic way to bring technological advances into the gaming arena, making for a fun and interactive game that is also perfect for getting to know a city.

Minimum group size is 20 people. 

Playing time: aprox 2-3 hours (we can adjust it to fit your needs)

Start and End Point - fully tailored to your needs.