Bringing a new, fun, unforgettable twist to the beloved game of football. Part zorbing and part five-a-side football, players become encased in a huge plastic ball to experience the thrills and spills of this action-packed and hilarious activity.

This original team building activity combines communication, strategy, physical ability, leadership, teamwork and the ability to laugh out loud for most of the ​​proce​dure.


​We need a large-ish open space for this activity. A field, a park, the gardens of your hotel or a local football pitch all work equally well.
Please do contact us for location ideas; we'll send advice and options with regards to your preferred location.

What Can We Expect?

When you arrive on site, all the equipment you need will be readily available, as will our knowledgeable and personable trained coaches.

The activity staff will divide you into teams; ideally we will play matches in a traditional five-a-side format. You will be offered some handy hints and tips, with the rules of the game explained, before getting kitted out in the zorb-like attire.

The bubble protects players, allowing them to bounce, roll, push and kick each other (a little cushioned foul play may be allowed!), in order to score a goal or to simply play some good defence.

We are able to cater for larger groups by having numerous games taking place at one time, with a fun league-type tournament easily taking shape.

We supply the 'suits', footballs and goals, as well as refreshments (water and soft drinks), which are included in the cost of the activity. We also supply a professional photographer to capture the day.

What to wear: comfortable, athletic wear, plus sports or flat soled shoes.
Safety: We provide event management, referees and full insurance.

Can You Supply Food (And Further Drink) Options?

Yes we'd be happy to. At some of our preferred locations, we can help supply a delicious Spanish-style BBQ, or other options, to suit.
Meals are served with (lots of) Spanish wine and beer. 
Prices and further information are available upon request. 

In Conclusion 

Bubble football embodies a huge sense of fun and is an ideal team-player activity.
A sense of spirit outweighs traditional football skills, ensuring all who play come away smiling. The activity is available all year round.

Players can also enjoy other Zorb-style games, such as British Bulldog and Duel​. Bubble Football combines well with other Fresh Activities, such as 'Tactical Games In The City', among many others.
Price per person: Please contact us for a quote
Approximate Duration: 1 to 2 hours