Alicante is a very special city; combining a rich cultural heritage with great beaches, fascinating museums, a beautiful harbour and an incredible castle. 

  • Alicante is a very special city; combining a rich cultural heritage with great beaches, fascinating museums, a beautiful harbour and an incredible castle. Alicante has an ideal location on the Mediterranean coast; perfect for outdoor activities of many types and the ultimate destination for beach lovers. The city boasts an old quarter which is rife with beautiful architecture, plus countless winding alleyways with whitewashed houses and cobblestone streets. You won’t mind getting lost in the old part of Alicante, which is a bit like a village at the centre of town. This neighbourhood is sprawled on the hillside where an elevator (or a steep climb) leads to medieval Castillo de Santa Bárbara, set on a hilltop with sweeping views of the Mediterranean coast. If you 'need a breather' you could stop off at one of the many cafes and restaurants (or enjoy the nightlife) in this part of the city.

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