Alicante is a very special city; combining a rich cultural heritage with great beaches, fascinating museums, a beautiful harbour and an incredible castle. Alicante has an ideal location on the Mediterranean coast; perfect for outdoor activities of many types and the ultimate destination for beach lovers. The city boasts an old quarter which is rife with beautiful architecture, plus countless winding alleyways with whitewashed houses and cobblestone streets. You won’t mind getting lost in the old part of Alicante, which is a bit like a village at the centre of town. This neighbourhood is sprawled on the hillside where an elevator (or a steep climb) leads to medieval Castillo de Santa Bárbara, set on a hilltop with sweeping views of the Mediterranean coast. If you 'need a breather' you could stop off at one of the many cafes and restaurants (or enjoy the nightlife) in this part of the city.

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Famed for its cultural​ individuality, unique architectural treasures, gastronomical delights and physical beauty; this is a city with a truly ​multi-faceted character. ​Barcelona has cleverly succeeded in embracing its past​, while wholeheartedly welcoming the future​. It has a wide cultural programme, ​with world-class museums, art galleries,​ exhibitions promoting the most innovative artistic trends, open-air sculptures… and many concerts, plays and dances coexist​ing alongside traditional festivals and festivities​. Expect to 'strut your stuff' in the limelight!

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Staggering architecture, vibrant cultural centre, incredible dining scene, buzzing nightlife and stunning landscapes. Bilbao is a thriving waterfront city in the Basque region of Spain, an absolute must for design and culture lovers. It is a city that has been able to successfully mix traditional Basque culture with a new vision for the future. Tucked into green and mountainous countryside, Bilbao flanks the Nervión river, with a string of breathtaking beaches close by.  The city is famed for the captivating Frank Gehry–designed Guggenheim Museum, a curvy, titanium-clad building housing prominent modern and contemporary works. Other great architectural works include the soaring bridge designed by Santiago Calatrava. and the wine storage warehouse, now a creative cultural and leisure space by architect Philippe Starck.

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With an average of 300 days of sunshine a year, this narrow slice of land is guaranteed to warm your heart. Having been founded over 3,000 years ago, Cádiz is the oldest city in the Western world. It is an ancient port city in the Andalusian region; a historical base for exploration and trade. With over 100 watchtowers, this ancient centre, surrounded almost entirely by water, is a jumble of streets, beautiful architecture, monuments and museums, eroded sea walls, incredible seafood, friendly locals, upbeat flamenco, crashing Atlantic waves and sun-worshipping beach lovers. In this stunning jewel of a city, the 18th Century neoclassical cathedral and baroque palaces coexist in perfect harmony with the modern architecture of Cadiz. The exquisite regional cuisine of Cadiz showcases the best of Andalusia’s most appetising dishes. Fish and shellfish reign, as does the produce of the nearby mountains – wild boar, partridge, wild garlic... and more.

Catalonia’s most charming city is situated at the junction of several rivers, with the River Onyar - which bisects the city - creating a left and right bank. The right bank houses the ancient old town, with a warren of winding, cobbled streets, low-slung arches, courtyards, medieval walls and watchtowers with sweeping views. The cathedral of Girona resides here too and is one of the city’s most representative landmarks. The left bank is home to the incredibly popular bar and restaurant area, green plazas and boutique – style shops. The glory of Girona is its compact, walkable nature; explore the entire medieval centre within a couple of hours. The Devesa Park is the largest urban park in Catalonia and one of Girona’s most beautiful areas. Filled with 2,500 plane trees it offers a warm welcome to visitors of the city.

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Granada is a brilliant jewel in the Andalusian landscape. It’s a joy to browse, explore and discover... while you breathe in the centuries of history surrounding you. The city is best known for its extraordinary and iconic Moorish fortress and palace - the Alhambra. Granada’s old city, Albaicín - also a testament to hundreds of years of Moorish occupation - is a fascinating labyrinth of narrow cobbled stone streets filled with flowers and white-washed houses. Spiced-filled markets, hammams (bath houses) and tea shops serving fresh mint tea add to the Arabic style street-life.  The Alhambra - one of Spain’s most iconic monuments - is an astonishing Islamic hilltop fortress, considered by many to be one of the 10 wonders of the world. It encompasses sumptuous royal palaces, serene patios, incredible gardens, and orchards, fountains and fortifications. Its design, mosaics, and sweeping views are nothing short of breathtaking.

Most people know Ibiza as the Spanish island which hosts the world's best DJs, in some of the world's most famous super-clubs and bars; making it the ultimate destination for clubbers. However, there's a whole lot more to this beautiful sun-kissed Balearic island. Imagine quiet rural villages, sandy coves, pine-clad hills, captivating natural beauty, stunning scenery, breathtaking views, plentiful sunshine... and a wealth of rich history, heritage and culture.

The ancient capital city - Eivissa - Ibiza Town, boasts the World heritage listed Dalt Vila. The ancient buildings, ramparts, city walls and a warren of narrow, winding, steep, cobbled streets give way to magnificent panoramic views over the sea, the harbour and the city. This, the oldest and highest part of Ibiza Town, is guarded by strong fortifications built by Charles V in the 16th century.  

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The Spanish coastline is divided into thirteen incredibly diverse ‘Costas’ or coasts and we are able to offer a huge range of activities throughout each of them.

Lisbon, one of the oldest capital cities in the world, is built over seven cinematic hillsides overlooking the Tagus river, with a stunning coastline around the corner-bend of the river. The city offers a winning combination of culture, heritage, incredible landscapes and a glorious year-round Mediterranean climate. It is Europe's westernmost capital city (on the mainland), and the only capital city along the Atlantic Coastline. 

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Madrid is the cultural heart of Spain. This vibrant, dynamic metropolis creates a lively city-scene with world-renown museums, shopping, nightlife, upmarket restaurants and more. Being located in the exact geographic centre of Spain, Madrid is the country’s multicultural core, with a diverse population and some of the finest restaurants, stemming from all ethnicities... and a gourmet hub offering all of the country’s regional dishes. The city also reserves a small-town charm with several distinct neighborhoods hidden among the city’s main areas. Madrid has a fabulous city layout; many of its main sites being located within walking distance of the central area. Absorbing the city’s street scene is a big part of Madrid’s charm.