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One of the most underrated cities in Spain, Zaragoza is filled with a wealth of historical architecture and museums, Roman theatres and Moorish fortresses. This is Spain’s fifth largest city and is the capital of north eastern Spain's Aragon region, located on the banks of the Ebro River, halfway between Barcelona and Madrid. There is a stunning legacy of grand monuments, palaces and houses in city. The historic centre, with remains of Roman, Moorish, Jewish and Christian communities has Islamic and Gothic architecture and baroque gems, like the Pilar Basilica. The city also boasts a turreted castle, with an interior like a mini-Alhambra, yet Zaragoza's appeal goes well beyond its monuments.

Theatres, cinemas, exhibitions, concerts, sporting events, fiestas, terrace bars, art shows and fairs... the cultural life of this city is fabulous and extensive.

The work of brilliant painter Francisco de Goya is showcased in many places across the city, as the artist was born in the small town of Fuendetodos, close to Zaragoza.

The city has one of the best tapas and bar scenes in the country, plus offers some wonderful regional dishes and unique cuisine – Aragonese cuisine features lots of hearty stews, pork loin sausage, cod al ajoarriero and cured ham from Teruel.

Zaragoza  is compact, ideal to explore on foot; its boulevards, avenues and many pedestrianised areas are perfect for discovering this incredible city.