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This beautiful city is Spain’s answer to Cambridge. Enjoy all that this magical, lively, international place has to offer: history, culture, food and a top-notch nightlife. Salamanca has an aesthetic beauty of its own. Now a Unesco World Heritage site, this rich and vibrant city is small enough to navigate by foot, allowing an immediate understanding of the local area and culture. Nicknamed La Dorada, (The Golden One), Salamanca is known for its intricately carved and ornate golden sandstone palaces, cathedrals and plazas, which give a golden hue in the city’s (seemingly) everlasting hours of sunshine.

The city is rich in history. Besieged by Hannibal, then ruled by Rome, Salamanca was defined, in the early 13th century, by the founding of its great university. This is the oldest university in Spain (and the third oldest university in the world), home to a massive international and Spanish student population who provide this small city with so much youthful energy, vitality, vibrancy, an incredible ambience... and numerous, beautifully decorated bars! At night, the buildings are floodlit, and the city bubbles with life.

The city’s exceptional and golden Baroque masterpiece, the Plaza Mayor (also illuminated to stunning effect at night) is unforgettable. Known as Salamanca's ‘living room’, locals and visitors gravitate here, which is arguably the most elegant of Spain's city squares.

Enjoy Salamanca’s unique food culture (a variety of dishes sourced directly from the nearby mountains and countryside), marvel at La Casa de las Conchas (the house of shells), delve into the fresh produce of the Central Market, visit the Old and New Cathedrals and museums... and much more.