Catalonia’s most charming city is situated at the junction of several rivers, with the River Onyar - which bisects the city - creating a left and right bank. The right bank houses the ancient old town, with a warren of winding, cobbled streets, low-slung arches, courtyards, medieval walls and watchtowers with sweeping views. The cathedral of Girona resides here too and is one of the city’s most representative landmarks. The left bank is home to the incredibly popular bar and restaurant area, green plazas and boutique – style shops. The glory of Girona is its compact, walkable nature; explore the entire medieval centre within a couple of hours. The Devesa Park is the largest urban park in Catalonia and one of Girona’s most beautiful areas. Filled with 2,500 plane trees it offers a warm welcome to visitors of the city.

While exploring Girona’s museums, galleries and architectural delights, try a fusion of incredible Catalan cuisine – a selection of pinxtos, padron peppers, chorizo cassolette – accompanied by the local traditional beverage of vermut (a fortified, aromatic wine). The climate here (approximately 100 kms north of Barcelona) is wonderful – warm months from April to October, with the winters being mild and rather beautiful, too.