Drumming and dancing are a fast and effective way to uplift, while enhancing the skills of teamwork... in a playful and entertaining way.


We’re able to set up our percussion and dance percussion sessions in practically any space you want us to! Do talk to us and we’ll share ideas.

What Can We Expect?

Our Percussion Activities:

Upon arrival at your chosen destination, you will find the percussion instruments set up for your group, and our friendly, multilingual workshop leaders (fluent in Spanish, Catalan, English and Portuguese) awaiting your arrival.

After introductions, the percussion session will begin with a brief talk about the rhythm your group will play... and the values of teamwork within the practice.

Then, with instruments in hand, the group will play a rhythm – usually Brazilian Batucada or funk, adding different rhythmic phrases and rhythmic choreography. Each section learns a signature rhythm – the leader then helps layer the rhythms to create a truly powerful sound.

We will also introduce some singing into the rhythm. Don’t be shy – the singing will fit perfectly with the sounds we'll create.

Our Percussion Dances:

Group members are encouraged to help carve the creativity of each dance... and learn to 'feel' the dance as an activity of expression and socialisation.

African Dance
Learn Mandinga and Sabar traditional dance (from Gambia and Senegal), accompanied by our professional percussionists (on djembe, dun dun) and melodic instruments (balafon, cora).

Urban Dance (Street Dance)
Our professional urban dance teams are specialists in hip hop, raga, funk and Afrobeat... and will focus on the area your group are most interested in.  

World Dance
We offer dances with differing traditional and cultural influences, including Latin American, African, European and Asian dance.
Do talk to us about your preferences.

Can You Supply Food (And Drink) Options? 

We are able to supply some lovely food and drink options, to suit your requirements.
Do contact us to discuss.


In Conclusion

You bring your passion for the dance and/or music and we’ll help you create something fun, creative, interactive and spectacular!

These team building exercises last 1 to 2 hours each.
We happily accommodate groups of up to 100 people. No previous dance or percussion knowledge is required.
The events as described above are interchangeable. Why not try a percussion session and a dance session on the same day?