Add an authentic touch of Spanish culture; captivate your clients, guests and/or employees with our impressive and interactive Flamenco Show.

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Our flamenco show is very ​flexible, organisational-wise. We can create this activity at any venue of your choice​. We also have many ideas of wonderful and suitable venues which you may like to choose from.​

What Can We Expect?

This activity offers the chance to discover the magic of flamenco up-close and combines Spanish tradition and innovation through music and dance.

Our flamenco show features five talented performers: a singer, a percussionist on the cajón (perhaps the most traditional of flamenco instruments - after the guitar), a guitarist, plus a male and a female dancer.

Flamenco is intended to be entertaining, passionate, romantic, comforting; this being a very emotional style of dance. Our team deliver an electrifying performance that expresses all of these emotions, and with incredible skill.

Following a wonderful show, our performers will invite you and your guests to try a few dance moves; delivering expert tuition while guiding you through the steps. They will explain the basics and reveal a number of fascinating secrets about their craft.

Using body movements - clapping hands and stamping of feet - while listening closely to the rhythm of guitar and cajón, our guest will gain a whole new appreciation of flamenco.

This is all very light-hearted and participation is optional. The activity is not intended as a dance class, but more of an in-depth flamenco experience; which is fun-filled and extremely enjoyable. Everyone smiles when they try flamenco!

Get ready to experience Spain's most celebrated art form in a whole new way. Olé!

Can You Supply Food (And Drink) Options?

We can!

Allow us to help find a suitable venue for dining, and in which to host this charming flamenco show. ​

In Conclusion 

​The unique and fiery language of this art-form continues to inspire audiences around the world... and seeing a flamenco show is amongst most visitors' top things to do in Spain. Enhancing your corporate event or company dinner with a flamenco performance is bound to delight your guests and contribute to an unforgettable evening.

This show takes approximately 35 - 45 minutes.  ​Guests are then invited to participate as well, and this part lasts about 30 minutes more.

​Do contact us for further information and prices.

The price includes the show, plus sound system and tablao (small, wooden platform) rental. We can arrange a bigger stage upon request and provide you with a customised cost estimate.