Enjoy an introduction to this wonderful Catalan tradition - one of the most unique and genuine cultural displays.


This activity is exclusive to Barcelona. We are happy to recommend locations within the region.

What Can We Expect?

Our friendly, multi-lingual staff will welcome you at your chosen venue. After introductions, a presentation will follow, explaining in detail about Castells and Castellers, the traditions and values of the sport. 

Castells – a Catalonian word meaning castles – are a cultural phenomenon in the region of Catalonia. They are human towers based on 'strength, balance, courage and wisdom'.

Workshop participants will have the opportunity to meet a practising group of Castellers, and not only watch, but also take part in, their rehearsals. Participants are given a 'faixa' (a support belt of soft fabric which is wrapped around the waist) and are made welcome members of the 'colla' (Castellers team). 'Collas', in Catalan means group of friends.

Together, you will help create the 'pinya' (the base of the tower), and lift workshop members to begin forming the human tower.

This is a fun workshop, with participation encouraged for all who attend.

Can You Supply Food And Drink Options?  

Certainly. This activity is ideal accompanied by a wonderful Catalan-style BBQ/buffet lunch or dinner, prior to or following, the workshop.
Meals are served with Spanish wine and beer.
Prices and further information are available upon request.

In Conclusion

Allow your team the opportunity to enjoy a truly unique bonding experience.

We can happily accommodate larger groups.
This activity tends to take around 2.5 hours and can be combined with many of our other Barcelona-based activities.