This is decidedly creative team-building; let your imagination run free, exercise your creative spirit and take in the scenic beauty of your chosen city.


All you need is a little imagination; your film can be created in any location of your choosing.

What Can We Expect? 

The activity begins by dividing your group into teams of 8-10 people, with the help of our friendly and knowledgeable activity supervisors. Each team is assigned a professional videographer, who will assist in casting and directing actors, composing shots and choosing the best locations.

Your team is given a scene from a film, which they are to reinterpret their own way. Teams design, develop, improvise dialogue, cast, produce, shoot and present their scene. 
Who will be the actors? Who will direct? And what about a camera operator, props and costumes designer? This highly creative activity encourages brainstorming, the management of time, talent and resources... and much collaboration. Teamwork will be essential for success in this not-very-serious, and very fun activity. 

Once planning is decided, your videographer will take each team to their chosen location for the actual filming. 

Next, the excitement is contagious as each team screens their masterpiece to the rest of the group. There’s nothing quite like 'the lens' to bring out peoples’ expressive sides; you'll find you literally stand back and watch people loosen up, with genuine smiles and shared laughter bubbling to the surface.

And in the end, your group will go home with surprising, occasionally hilarious and always memorable videos.

Awards can be arranged and given for the various categories, to recognise and celebrate talent. 

Can You Supply Food (And Drink) Options? 

We can supply some delicious food and drink options, to suit your requirements.
Do contact us to discuss.

In Conclusion 

Explore your surroundings through the lens! This film-making team building activity enables participants to play to their strengths; in front of or behind the camera.
Do contact us for further information and prices. 
Our prices include all equipment and staff team members, and a copy of each video to take home.