Teams play against each other in our Robot themed Escape Game for large groups (minimum 50 people for this activity).  


Where there's a room, there's a Mobile Escape Room Game!
We can covert any meeting room into an Escape Room - do talk to us about your preferred location.

What Can We Expect?

Our friendly, experienced and multi-lingual team will build the Escape Room prior to your arrival - with clues, challenges, hidden objects and covert details – everything you would expect from an escape room. Robot actors, a games master and all props - a suitcase that needs to be opened, an iPad that nobody knows the password to, code sheets, handcuffs - are all provided. Your group will be divided into teams by the activity leadership team.

The game is set in a futuristic world, where robots have taken on many functions that would previously have been done by humans, like food and drink service, cloakroom management, cleaning and security. Today, a disgruntled ex-employee has hacked into the programming system, setting up a nasty surprise for the guests in the room. The security robots have turned against the guests and won’t let them leave. Worse still – there are a series of bombs (1 per team), and the timers are ticking. There is just one hour to disarm the bombs, find the secret passwords for the robots, and escape...

Only 3 teams will be allowed to escape. It’s a race against the clock and against each other. All the answers are there to be found – but which teams will find them in time? 

Can You Supply Food (And Further Drink) Options?  

Yes, we can help supply a truly delicious Spanish-style lunch or dinner, with local specialities.
Prices and further information are available upon request.

In Conclusion

The unparalleled pace of escape rooms will test the players' focus, problem-solving skills and will create fantastic brainstorming processes. 
In this version, collaborating with other teams is as essential as competing against them. A clever use of bartering and deal making will come in useful!

We require a minimum of 50 people for this activity.
The Escape Room game takes 1 hour.