Fast-paced, friendly and fun-packed competition is a fabulous way of building team spirit... and is the essence of our Olympic Games

You don’t have to be an extraordinary athlete to take part in our Olympics – all you need is the ability to work in a team and a willingness to have fun!


You don't need an Olympic park to enjoy these activities, indeed the games are suitable for in any venue of your choice.
We are, however, equipped to offer some very special locations; including the Olympic Park in Barcelona. Do contact us to discuss this option, and others.

What Can We Expect? 
Medieval games and modern challenges, with warm-up exercises. 
Each of your teams is led by one of our 'Olympic Games Masters'. As you head from one game location to the next, you will be able to enjoy and admire the area(s) in which the games are located. After the briefing, the 'Olympic Chairman' will split the group into teams.
Our organisers will lead the way with our (very funny) warm up exercises - Friends and Enemies, Follow the Finger - with each exercise taking approximately 5 minutes. 

Teams will then be pitched into a series of light-hearted sporting challenges. Challenge yourself with the hurdles and discus, and have a go at events not quite affiliated by the International Olympic Committee, such as a one-legged crutch race. These games are guaranteed to be major fun, rather than major exhaustion! 

The lowdown on our 'Ancient Olympic Games':
Sword Fighting
Teams are armed with foam weapons and sent to fight each other to the death – or rather until they hit the opponent in the lower leg, at which point they 'die'.
The Discus
Launch your discus as far as you can. It’s that easy… or is it?
Horse and Chariot Races
Each team is given a kit with which to build a 'Chariot'.
Hilarity then ensues as one person is the rider, with 2 people being horses while 'pulling' the chariot behind them.
The lowdown on our 'Modern Olympic Challenges':
A-Z Challenge - Teams race each other, while standing on only on the wooden boards.
Hurdles - Tackle a series of hurdles along a 100 meter track, with the team running together as one, holding hands - penalties apply for those who lose connection.
One-legged (relay) crutch race - Your standard rely race, but with the added fun of using only 1 leg and a pair of crutches!

Can You Supply Food (And Drink) Options?

We can help provide refreshments, or in some instances, a delicious Spanish-style lunch.
Do contact us for further information.

In Conclusion 

A little taster of what it’s like to be an Olympian! 
Our games not only provide your group with a fantastic day, they may also take you to some of Spain's most impressive landmarks.
The games are designed to be inclusive and safe. Any individual in reasonable health can easily participate in these activities. All games are designed for full team participation; everybody is encouraged to play.
This activity takes approximately 3 hours.
Do contact us for further information and prices. 
Our price includes the activities, helpful staff/monitors, all equipment and materials, as well as water and soft drinks.
The minimum group size for these activities is 20 people. Groups are divided into teams of 6 to 10 people, as suits.