​A hugely entertaining tactical, strategic game; ideal for challenging participants intellectually, as well as energetically! 


We need a city or town for this activity. You name the town you prefer (we're happy to talk to you about options), and we'll utilise its old streets, beautiful quirks and stunning architecture to turn the places into the basis of multi-player game.   

What Can We Expect? 

Upon arrival in your chosen destination, you will be greeted by our team of 'game monitors', who will explain the rules in further detail to the teams.

In a nutshell, teams must crack the clues to navigate their way around the city. They'll find some intriguing characters along the way, and must deliver their chosen 'key master' safely to the 'exit portal'.

Each team is equipped with 2 iPads - for use as maps, game delivery and a tracking device. The tracking device allows the teams to locate the other 'key masters', but take care, as doing so reveals the position of your own key master to the opposing teams.

Team members must work together to determine different scenarios and plan attacks, or alternatively play the game offensively, seeking out the games 'safe zones'... or both!  

​Do contact us with your interest and we'll send you the rules - think 'War Games, the 'Da Vinci Code' and 'The Matrix', but with a whole heap of laughter and joviality thrown in.

Can You Supply Food (And Drink) Options? 

Yes, we are able to supply some lovely food and drink options, to suit your requirements.
Do contact us to discuss.

In Conclusion 

People's love of competition and play will be well rewarded with this activity. 
The activity lasts 2.5 hours.
Do contact us for further information and prices. 
Our prices include the team building activity, all equipment and team members/character actors.