Convert your meeting room into a giant escape room and compete against all the members of your company in the same room, at the same time. The ideal escape game for BIG groups

So what’s it all about?

The game is set in a futuristic world, where robots have taken on many functions that would previously have been done by humans – food and drink service, cloakroom management, cleaning, security.

And today, a disgruntled ex-employee has hacked in to the programming system and set up a nasty surprise for the guests in the room. The security robots have turned against the guests and won’t let them leave. Worse still – there are a series of bombs (1 per team), and the timers are ticking. There is just one hour to disarm the bombs, find the secret passwords for the robots, and escape

A message played to the group from the ex-employee assures us that the path to freedom is possible, but only 3 teams will be allowed to escape. It’s a race against the clock and against each other. All the answers are there to be found – but will the teams manage to find them in time?

How does it work?

The beauty of this game is that it can be done anywhere you have a room, and for any number of participants. The activity allows you to compete in teams of 8 to 12, with up to 200 people playing at the same time

We provide everything you need – robot actors, game master, props and decoration

We go in before your group arrives of course, and build in the clues, the challenges, the hidden objects, the covert details – everything you would expect from an escape room. But in this situation the details serve for all the teams to discover, not just one team.

Other elements are provided for each team. A suitcase that needs to be opened. An iPad that nobody knows the password to. Code sheets. Handcuffs

And other elements are there to be discovered by each team. UV light torches, keys, magnets, secret messages. Cleverly arranged so that one element will lead to another, but no team will get completely bogged down at any time

So it’s all against all?

Yes and no. The teams need to do better than the other teams to escape. But there are some things they almost certainly can’t do without collaborating with other teams. A clever use of bartering and deal making will come in useful!