Nothing will stop these activities from staring fun in the face...


These workshops can be coordinated within any indoor space.
Do contact us to discuss ideas and options for your chosen area of Spain. 

What Can We Expect?

Our friendly, experienced and multi-lingual team coordinators will encourage your group to try improvisational theatre, role-play games, a group choir and/or body percussion.
Improvisational Theatre

Introduce a unique way for group members to interact; our 'improv' theatre sessions automatically become a shared lesson in comedic fun!
Our team leaders help draw prompts from 'audience' members, to produce improv theatre games, 'shorts' or sketches.  The performed scenes are unplanned and unscripted... and are created spontaneously by the performers in the group. The very nature of this activity tends to result in much hilarity, performed in a welcoming, vibrant and supportive environment.   

Team members need no prior drama, acting, comedy or improv experience, nor do they need to be clever or funny! This activity is about working together as a team with other improvisers; it surprises many participants that simply 'being themselves' is more than enough to produce fabulous results.

Role Play Games​

Prior to the 'games' beginning, our coaching leaders help your group suggest a topic or theme, identifying key points and roles for team members. They will also supply all props required. Your group is split into smaller role play groups, with each group having the chance to become both observant audience members and role play members.

Aside from laughter and relaxation, role play allows group members the chance to get to know anecdotal information about each other, promoting honesty among co-workers. 

Following each of the above activities there will be a chance to discuss observations, feelings and the dynamics of each situation.

Group Choir

In this activity, your group members learn how to free their voice using fun techniques - we'll encourage your group to be creative, to laugh, sing and work together. 
We’ll learn to sing as a group, in harmony, with easily accessible songs. Confidence in singing ability is not required!

Role Play Games

Produce a musical piece without instruments; body percussion is an activity which everyone can enjoy.

Create experimental rhythmic sounds and music with various parts of the body - clapping, foot stomping, finger snapping and many more - this workshop is great fun and full of energy. 

We'll split your group into smaller sections, with each group creating their own compositions. We'll then 'come together' towards the end of the session to create a group performance. 

This is an ideal team building event, in that it keeps attendees engaged and their bodies and minds active, while still focusing on the core team building message of group unity. 

Can You Supply Food (And Further Drink) Options?  

Yes, in many areas of Spain we can help supply a truly delicious Spanish-style BBQ’d lunch or dinner, among other options.
Prices and further information are available upon request. 

In Conclusion

Many positives derive from the participation of these activities, including observation and problem-solving, communication, risk-taking, innovation, responsibilty, self-esteem, leadership, tenacity... and more.

The activities tend to take approximately 3 hours, but do talk to us about your requirements, as we can extend this, or reduce it, as required.
We'll happily create a bespoke package based on your requirements and needs.
Do contact us for a quote.

Our Creative Teambuilding Workshops easily combine into multiple workshops; fitting hand-in-hand, for example with our Percussion and Dance Percussion activities.