An introduction to the world of wine and cheese tasting... with emphasis on wines and cheeses from the regions close to Barcelona.


This activity is exclusive to Barcelona. We recommend using Icon Hotel Petit Palace or B Hotel, although we are happy to suggest, and discuss, other city centre locations too.

What Can We Expect?

Our friendly, multi-lingual staff (French, English and Spanish are all spoken) will welcome you. Following introductions, your group will be split into teams, with 4 or 5 people in each team.

Our knowledgeable sommeliers will help teach you about the characteristics of each wine and cheese via a quiz, as teams go head-to-head.

The teams smell the aroma of the wines, and taste the selection as they complete the quiz. The wines are paired with cheeses - which are made with goats, sheep or cows milk?

In this relaxed and informative setting, the fun quiz (with prizes for the winning team) becomes an informative way to learn and discuss wine regions, grape characteristics and the distinct qualities of each wine and cheese.    

Can You Supply Food And Drink Options?  

We can help supply a wonderful Catalan-style BBQ lunch or dinner, prior to or following, the wine tasting event.

Meals are served with (lots more) Spanish wine... and beer.
Prices and further information are available upon request.

In Conclusion

Allow your team the opportunity to enjoy a wine-based activity, with the help of our winemakers and sommeliers, allowing team members to bond in a relaxed setting. 

We can happily accommodate larger groups.
This activity tends to take around 1.5 hours and can be combined with many of our other Barcelona-based activities.