Lisbon, one of the oldest capital cities in the world, is built over seven cinematic hillsides overlooking the Tagus river, with a stunning coastline around the corner-bend of the river. The city offers a winning combination of culture, heritage, incredible landscapes and a glorious year-round Mediterranean climate. It is Europe's westernmost capital city (on the mainland), and the only capital city along the Atlantic Coastline. 

Lisbon offers a rich and varied history - ancient ruins, grids of cobbled alleyways, cathedrals, medieval quarters, Baroque architecture, world heritage monuments, vintage trams, museums, ramshackle Arabic buildings, a castle and palaces - with a village feel in each historic neighbourhood of the city. Expect a captivating cultural scene, crafted over centuries.

Nestled effortlessly alongside the history left by all who have inhabited the city - Islamic Moors, Romans and more - is the cultural haven that is modern day Lisbon: world-class opera, ballet and music, striking modernist architecture, a lively nightlife, international design, modern leisure spaces and contemporary art. The bountiful Atlantic provides the ingredients for traditional Portuguese dishes, which can be found in the myriad of delightful bars and restaurants throughout the city. 
Lisbon is one of the most charismatic and vibrant places in Europe. Lively, but relaxed; the city has never shone brighter.  

Why is Lisbon ideal for team building and corporate events?

The city lends itself to the majority of our city-based activities, forming a stunning backdrop. In Lisbon, you're never far from a staggering view.    
It's quick and easy to travel to the beaches of Estoril and Cascais and to the Costa da Caparica, for water sports and beach activities. 
Fado, the traditional music of the area, is an ideal creative extension to many of our activities.