One of the funniest ways to discover your chosen city... and the hidden talents of your colleagues. We show you how to film the action on an iPad, then you go out and film some fun footage. We then edit it into a cool music video!


A location to suit your needs. Good locations include city landscapes or the beach, where there is lots of space and interesting backgrounds.
Do contact us to discuss ideas and requirements.

What Can We Expect? 

Expect to 'strut your stuff' in the limelight!

Before you hit the road and start to film, your group is divided into bands of 8-10 members each. We supply all the equipment and show you how to use it - and we help bring teams together in a creative environment... to pool their ideas and create something fabulous to brief, in a short timeframe. We'll also help steer the many fun aspects of this challenge. 

Our coordinators help you to come up with a storyline and styling for your video before filming commences. Don’t worry – you don’t actually have to sing (unless you want to!). The chosen song is played for you and the teams sing along.

Any song can be chosen. We suggest songs that are not too complicated; songs which suggest story lines are good; the 80's is a great source of music that is perfect in this respect. Do contact us to discuss ideas and suggestions.

After the filming, we have the videos professionally edited and sent to you, within 24 hours, as an everlasting memento of the day. We require at least 5 hours of editing time for each video, and may be able to supply one video example in time for your corporate meal that evening, if desired.

Can You Supply Food (And Drink) Options?

Yes, we are able to supply some fabulous food and drink options, to suit your requirements.
Do contact us to discuss.

In Conclusion 

Work together towards a common musical goal... and achieve music videos you didn't think where possible! 
This musical team building event is one your group will remember and talk about for a long time to come...

The activity lasts 3-4 hours (flexible).
Do contact us for further information and prices. Do also ask us for sample videos. 
Our prices include the team building activity, all equipment and team members.