When you visit Perpignan you’d be forgiven for thinking you were in a delightful, mini Barcelona. Perpignan is situated near the sparkling Mediterranean coast and is 30 kilometres from the Spanish border. Perpignan, although situated in Southern France, was once Catalonia’s second city. The Catalan heritage is still very strong here; the street signs are in Catalan as well as French, the Catalan yellow and red striped flags are prevalent and the popular cultural dance – the sardane – is danced by locals as a symbol of unity with the Catalan people.

Perpignan was once a border city and also the capital of the old province of Roussillon, with views of the Mediterranean coast on one side, and the mountains of the French Pyrenees on the other. The city was the capital of the Kingdom of Majorca during the 13th century, and became French in 1659, by the Treaty of the Pyrenees.

Party due to its colourful history, the city enjoys a special, rich cultural mix - with a bohemian atmosphere, plenty of excellent shopping opportunities, outdoor cafes, wonderful French and Spanish cuisine, grand monuments, incredible wines, stunning scenery and a medieval core.

While in Perpignan, see the huge Gothic and Romenesque Palais des Rois de Majorque (Palace of the Kings of Majorca), which has views to the coastline, and enjoy the picturesque Castillet museum, which was once the fort that defended the gateway to the town. Discover other treasures of the old town - the Place de la Loge, with its remarkable Gothic style building; the cathedral of Saint-Jean; the Rigaud Museum; Bir Hakeikm square, which is surrounded at each side by grand buildings; the Couvent Des Minimes; Casa Xanxo, a beautiful mansion revealing many secrets of the city; and the majestic Promenade des Platanes, with its many statues.

Enjoy the stunning Jardin de Sant-Vicens, which is an explosion of colours and scents. The garden is a delightful and pleasant oasis, with orange trees, giant cactus and exotic flowers, within walking distance of Perpignan's major attractions.
Why choose Perpignan as your next teambuilding destination? Perpignan is a flourishing and important administrative and commercial centre. As the city is situated at the foot of the Pyrenees, it is a hub for cultivating the fruits, vegetables and wines which are grown within its fertile region. Despite being a bustling city, it is also a relaxing place, and the city centre is truly beautiful. Perpignan also enjoys somewhere in the region of 2500 hours of sunshine a year!

“Perpignan. The Centre of the Universe” Salvador Dali