A swashbuckling good time. Participants require strategic thinking, creativity, team work and a flair for the dramatic and fun!

Our pirate themed treasure hunt is available in any of your chosen cities.
We have treasure hunt teams which are experts in each city (their knowledge of their town is unrivalled), with our treasure hunts being adapted for each area.


What Can We Expect? 

A fun and feisty activity which adds an unusual twist to the treasure hunt idea, and mixes pirate-themed mayhem with hearty challenges.

Our pirate dressed activity leaders will meet your group at the agreed starting point. Details of rules will be established, as will teams (we suggest 8-10 members per team). Each team member will be supplied with a bandana, eye patch and sword (for fighting opposing teams!), with each team leader receiving a pirate captain's hat. Maps, roadbooks (containing instructions and clues, to help lead the teams from location to location) are also distributed.

Game by game, clue by clue, teams race each other to the 'treasure', obtaining gold coins en route upon successful completion of challenges (taking 2-3 minutes each), set for them by our pirate monitors. Challenges include Island Hopping, Boat Races, Sea Shanties, Cannon Fire, All Aboard... and more.

Our activity leaders are on-hand throughout, to direct or re-direct, as needed,. They will also be waiting at the end of the game, to receive the teams as they arrive... and to declare the winners.

We include a bottle of cava or local turron for members of the winning team, or the client may provide their own treasure/prizes.

Can You Supply Food (And Drink) Options? 

We are able to supply some excellent food and drink options, to suit your requirements.
Do contact us to discuss.

In Conclusion 

Our pirate themed treasure hunt is a twist on 'the old favourite'. Teams gallivant around their chosen city while reading maps, solving clues and showing off both their general and pirate knowledge.

Minimum group size is 40 people.
Do contact us for further information, full game rules and prices. 
Our prices include all equipment and staff team members. 
Additional Options:
We can supply a film camera crew and/or a professional photographer to accompany your group.